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The 40th “Theory and Policy” at RUC NADS

A Discussion On the Sino-US Game and the Development of "One Belt One Road"

Speaker: GAO Cheng, Research Fellow with National Institute of International Strategy, CASS

Moderator: XU Qinhua, Deputy Dean of NADS and Professor of the School of International Studies

Time: June 24th, 2019, Monday, 14:30-16:00

Venue: 815 Meeting Room, Chongde Building West Wing, RUC

Abastract: The "One Belt One Road" Initiative is a concentrated expression of China's diplomatic spirit and new concept of international relations in the new era. With the continuous changes in the domestic and international environment, its development presents different stages and purposes. With the intensification of Sino-US game centered on trade frictions, China is facing unprecedented changes in the world in a century. In order to push ahead with the implementation of the BRI, we must clarify the development stage of China, the relationship between China and the United States to dominate the world governance system, the constraints of the relations on China's development, as well as the strategic and tactical strategies China needs to cope with different scenarios. The lecture will analyze the strategic options and policy risks faced by China in its rising predicament from a comprehensive perspective of economic and strategic integration. Because China is a Late-Developing Country and asymmetrically dependent on the existing economic system, it is suffering from preventive repression by the United States. Therefore, the construction of BRI needs to give full play to its short term hedging against us development restrictions in China in terms of conceptual paradigm, organizational structure, content design, regional development and promotion, and medium-term adjustment of the economic structure along the line and the pillar effect of long-term operation of the international order.


GAO Cheng, Research Fellow with National Institute of International Strategy, CASS, doctoral supervisor, executive chief editor of Journal of Contemporary Asia Pacific Studies, Director of Australia, New Zealand research center in the south Pacific of CASS, youth talent of National "Ten Thousands Plan". His research field are China's rising strategy, China-US relations and regional order in asia pacific area.