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The 38th “Theory and Policy” at RUC NADS

Labor Force Reflow and Permanent Residency System Reforms

Speaker: ZHANG Jipeng, Research Institute of Economics and Management, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE)

Moderator: LIU Ruiming, National Academy of Development and Strategy, RUC

Time: May 29, 2019 (Wednesday) 14:00-15:30

Venue: Meeting Room 815, Chongde Building West Wing (Keyan Building Block A)

Abstract: This paper describes the latest trend of labor mobility, particularly the reflow of labor force, by conducting a fairly accurate measurement of the reflow based on 2017 CHFS data: The proportion of intercity reflowing labor exceeds that of migrant labor in workforce; labor force tends to return to their less developed domicile place from more developed regions; much of the reflow takes place recently and in younger generations, although with an aging trend. Empirical analysis found out that cities with stricter permanent residency (hukou) restrictions matches higher possibility of labor reflow; urban hukou restrictions raise significantly the reflow possibility of inter-provincial rural workers with low skill and worse health conditions. Research results can contribute to figure out how hukou reforms in different regions affect labor mobility in space economy.

Speaker Profile: ZHANG Jipeng had been Assistant Professor of Nanyang Technological University since he gained his PhD. of Economics in University of Pittsburgh. ZHANG has been Associate Professor at Research Institute of Economics and Management, SWUFE since 2015. His research fields include China economy, public economics and behavioral and experimental economics. His research findings are published in international and domestic academic journals such as International Economic Review, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Social Sciences in China, Economic Research Journal and China Economic Quarterly.