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Research Update




The Research Team of Qingdao Branch NADS Visited the Management Committee of Binhai New Area of Shibei District

On the morning of July 4th, 2018, Professor Liu Peng, Dean of the Qingdao Branch NADS, Shan Wenzhao, Assistant to Dean of the Qingdao Branch NADS, Zhang Xin, Director of the Office, and Zhang Yijing, a graduate student of the School of Public Administration RUC, went to the Management Committee of Binhai New Area of Qingdao Shibei District. During the visit, Qu Wentao, Deputy Director of the Binhai New Area Management Committee, Wu Yuzheng from Rubber Science and Technology Center, Liu Zhigang of the Rail Transit Center, and Kang Wen of the Great Health Industry Center attended the meeting.

At the symposium, Dean Liu Peng introduced the basic situation and development status of the branch. The purpose of the interview was to make a comprehensive understanding of the positioning, development status, future planning and existing problems of Binhai New Area, diagnose and analyze the problems encountered in the development of the new district, so as to provide necessary consultation and suggestions for the future development in terms of policy formulation, investment attraction, and industrial planning.

Deputy Director Qu Wentao welcomed Dean Liu Peng and his party and introduced the development of Binhai New Area in detail. Binhai New Area is adjacent to Jiaozhou Bay and is one of the four major districts under construction in the Shibei District. The South Area is dominated by blue high-end business, cultural and creative industries, and creates a comprehensive functional area of ecological livability. The northern part is dominated by new industries such as life health and platform economy, and it is a comprehensive functional area for ecologically livable. Three of the six innovation platforms in the four major functional areas of Shibei District are located in the north of the city, including the Rubber Science and Technology Innovation Center, the Rail Transit Center and the Great Health Industry Center. Wu Yuzheng, Liu Zhigang and Kang Wen respectively introduced in detail the development of the three innovation platforms of the Rubber Science and Technology Innovation Center, the Rail Transit Center and the Big Health Industry Center in Binhai New Area and their respective problems and challenges. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on how to improve the development quality of Binhai New Area in the new era and promote the transformation of new and old economic kinetic energy of the three innovation platforms.

Through in-depth interaction and exchanges on the development status and industrial landing of Binhai New Area, the researchers of the branch initially grasped and understood the overall situation of the development of Binhai New Area in Shibei District, provided advice and suggestions for the next step, accumulated the material for writing internal reference report. In the next step, the branch will also focus on other representative comprehensive functional industrial zones in the Shibei District, laying a solid foundation for comprehensively transforming the old kinetic energy economy into the new one in Qingdao and Shibei District and promoting high-quality development.