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Xu Qinhua

Deputy Dean and Research Fellow of the National Academy of Development and Strategy, Renmin University of China

Professor of School of International Studies, Renmin University of China




[]Xu Qinhua: SCO Qingdao Summit and New Pattern of Regional Energy Cooperation (Excerpt)

After the Qingdao Summit, the energy cooperation in the SCO region will usher in greater opportunities for development.
First, increasing the advantage of the members. After India and Pakistan joined, connectivity from Central Asia to South Asia became possible, facilitating the promotion of infrastructure connectivity in countries along the “One Belt One Road” route, forming regional transportation corridors and then a larger consumer market, and creating greater regional cooperation. India and Pakistan's accession is conducive to promoting the SCO regional economic cooperation and regional economic integration process, and is more conducive to cooperation within the framework of the cooperation between the two sides. India and Pakistan are all energy demanding countries. Within the framework of the SCO, it is conducive to forming a new pattern of regional energy cooperation with complementary advantages among energy resource countries, energy consumers, and energy transit countries. As we all know, one of the focuses of India’s attention to the SCO is regional security and energy cooperation.
Second, utilizing the advantages of green technology. The majority of SCO member states and observer states have participated in the Paris Agreement and have set clear goals in energy transformation and upgrading. The realization of green and low-carbon development is the current trend. As the world's largest PV production and installation country, the largest wind power installation country, the largest nuclear power company and the largest energy efficiency improvement country, China is a leader in global clean energy and a global sustainable development participant and is actively promoting Renewable energy industry development. China’s leading advantages in renewable energy will help SCO member countries in energy cooperation and will also be the area with the greatest potential for future energy cooperation. China's new energy and equipment capabilities are very strong and there is ample room for cooperation with member countries. China can in this regard form a mutually beneficial and win-win situation with other members.

In short, after Qingdao Summit, the development of energy cooperation within the framework will adhere to the “SCO Spirit” and apply the mature cooperation mechanism of multilateral cooperation to leverage the “Belt and Road Initiative” to ensure energy supply security in the covered areas, multilaterally. Energy technology and energy networks are shared, and the world's largest regional “energy network” has been built. Under the premise of developing traditional oil and gas resources cooperation advantages, more green development will be achieved.

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