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Research Update

Research Update




Mr. Claude Smadja, Former Managing Director of the World Economic Forum and Founder of Smadja & Associates, Strategic Advisory, Visited NADS

On November 22nd, Mr. Claude Smadja, former managing director of the World Economic Forum and founder of Smadja & Associates, Strategic Advisory, visited National Academy of Development Strategy and discussed matters relating to cooperation. Nie Huihua, deputy dean of NADS and professor at School of Economics, Ma Liang, research fellow of NADS and associate professor at School of Public Administration and Policy, Sun Tao, director of Local Cooperation Center, and Jin Huiying, Secretary for Foreign Affairs, joint the discussion.

Mr. Claude Smadja first introduced the services of Smadja & Associates, Strategic Advisory, and his long-term, collaborative relationship with China for nearly 38 years. Mr. Claude hoped to host two summits with NADS in the future, respectively The Growth Net Summit in New Delhi, India, and the Future China Global Forum in Singapore. The former focuses on the opportunities and challenges met by emerging countries, while the later provides a platform to discuss the development of China.

Deputy Dean Nie Huihua exchanged some basic information about NADS and stressed that as one of the most influential comprehensive university think tanks among domestic think tanks, NADS and its research fellows provide insights to academia with their solid foundation in this field.

After that, Mr. Claude Smadja and research fellows at NADS moved forward to issues such as how to promote the standard of internationalization of NADS as well as its international reputation.