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Intellectual Capital: The Core Competence of Chinese Think Tanks

To comprehensively improve the intellectual capital of think tanks is the key to the construction of new think tanks with Chinese characteristics. In modern history, the rise of a country is inevitably accompanied by the rise of ideology. For China, a socialist country that is exploring an unprecedented development road, the rise of ideology is of more significance. At present, China has been witnessing apparently insufficient knowledge and intellectual reserves in the process of rapid development, so it is in urgent need of strengthening construction of intellectual capital with development of think tanks as the core.

Centering on the urgent problem of improving the core competence of Chinese think tanks, the book carries out a systematic research on the historical origin and tradition of development of Chinese think tanks, intellectual capital of American think tanks, research trends of American think tanks focusing on China, development mode of British think tanks, key problems in the construction of new think tanks with Chinese characteristics, construction of think tanks in Chinese colleges and universities, etc., analyzes the status quo and problems of the development of Chinese think tanks and, based on this, makes policy suggestions.