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The “Belt and Road” Initiative: Opportunities VS Challenges

The “Belt and Road” Initiative is an inevitable logic of multi-directional opening-up, an irresistible trend of revival of civilization and a necessary requirement of inclusive globalization, marking the situational change of China from participating in globalization to shaping globalization. It is both a great initiative proposed by China and a public product of international cooperation, which is not only provided with opportunities for multi-directional opening-up, neighboring diplomacy, regional cooperation and global development, but also threatened by geopolitical, security, economic and moral risks. The book contains a dialectic explanation. The “Belt and Road” Initiative surpasses all of its kind in ancient times and in modern times in that: firstly, innovation of concepts: joint construction through consultation to meet the interests of all; secondly, theoretical innovation: theories of economic development, regional cooperation and globalization; thirdly, brand new methods: development from “connectivity in five areas”, i.e., policy communication, road connectivity, unimpeded trade, monetary circulation and understanding between the people, to “five communities”, namely communities of civilization, interests, responsibility, security and common destiny, fully presenting the theme of “the world fostering China and China feeding back the world”.