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Ecological Civilization in the Perspective of Historical Materialism

Established in the domain of “science of history” that studies the dialectical relationship between human history and natural history and is advocated by historical materialism, the commanding height of Marxist philosophy, and with scientific methods of historical materialism such as perspectives of practice, process, structure, civilization diversity and class analysis, Ecological Civilization in the Perspective of Historical Materialism/Library of Marxism Studies suggests that ecological civilization, as the sum of positive progress and achievements of humanized nature and artificial nature, is a form of civilization in parallel with material civilization, political civilization, spiritual civilization and social civilization, and a basic requirement that runs through forms of civilization such as fishing and hunting culture, agricultural civilization, industrial civilization and intelligent civilization, and has become the basic direction of human civilization development. Only under communist conditions can we truly achieve the unity between humanism and naturalism, seek harmony between human and nature and make ecological civilization possible finally. In contemporary China, socialist ecological civilization construction guided by Scientific Outlook on Development serves as the bridge between the reality and ideal of ecological civilization.