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About NADSLeadership

Jin Nuo

Chairwoman of NADS

Doctor of Law, professor, doctoral tutor, mainly engaged in research on Marxist theory and ideological and political education. She successively presided over the completion of major projects of the National Social Science Fund, "Study on Strengthening Marxist Ideological Work in Colleges and Universities and Ideological Education of University Students", and the "Study on Psychological Health Education of University Students", a major project of the “Tenth Five-Year” National Social Science Education Plan, and participated in many state and provincial and ministerial-level social science fund projects. She is the author of "Study on Enhancing Marxist Ideological Work in Colleges and Universities and Ideological Education of College Students", "Characteristics and Laws of Ideological and Political Work on Intellectuals in Colleges and Universities", "Studies on the Ideological and Moral Changes and Development Rules of College Teachers and Students in the 1990s", and " Preliminary Study of Deng Xiaoping's Educational Philosophy", "Further Strengthening the Work of Teaching and Educating People in Colleges and Universities", "Promoting the Prosperity and Development of Philosophy and Social Science with Management Innovation", "Creating a New Situation in Ideological and Political Work, and "Attaching Importance to University Liberal Arts to Promote the Development of University Liberal Arts", more than 30 academic papers, which have been published in publications such as "Seeking Truth", "Ideological Education Research", "China Higher Education", and "China Higher Education Research". The editor-in-chief includes "General Studies on University Moral Education" and "Theory and Practice of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities in the New Era" , "Ruling by Law and Virtue and Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities," and "General Theory of Moral Education in Private Colleges in China" and other writings.

Liu Wei

Dean of NADS

RUC President, PhD in Economics, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor. Liu also works as a member of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, member of the discipline review group for theoretical economics and Deputy Director of the Committee of Experts on Discipline Development and Specialty Setup of MOE. Liu has received multiple academic rewards, including “Sun Yefang’s Award for Economic Science Works” for two times (1994 and 1996), first award (6th session) and second award (2nd and 3rd sessions) for MOE Humanities and Social Science-Economics, first award (4th, 7th and 11th sessions) for Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Achievements, first award for the 1st session of the National Social Science Achievements of the Young (1995). Liu has independently directed multiple projects of national and MOE social science foundations, and served as the Chief Expert for key projects of MOE, including “Research on China’s Market Economy Development” (2003) and “Research on China’s Monetary Policy System and Conduction Mechanism” (2008). Liu also directed “Research on China’s Long and Medium-term Economic Growth and Structure Variation Trends”, a key project of the National Philosophy and Social Science Foundation (2009). Since 1991, Liu was entitled to the State Council special government allowances; in 1997, Liu was selected into the MOE “Trans-century Training Programme for Talents” of Humanities and Social Science (first batch); in 2004, Liu was selected into the New Century Talents Program jointly organized by ministries and commissions such as MOHRSS, MOST, MOE and CAS; in 2006, Liu was appointed as a Distinguished Professor for the Chang Jiang Scholars Program.

Yan Jinming

Executive Dean of NADS

Professor of Renmin University of China, doctor of management, doctoral tutor, Cheung Kong Scholar of the Ministry of Education and specialized hired Professor, expert with special allowances of the State Council. New Century Excellent Talents of the Ministry of Education (2005), Baosteel Outstanding Teacher Award (2011), Ministerial Technology Leaders (2013), Ministerial Innovation Team (2015), Renmin University of China's first Outstanding Scholar Support Program, A-class Distinguished Professor ( 2017). Visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge, vice chairman of the China Land Institute and deputy chairman of the China Society of Territorial Economics. Chief Expert of major project of 2009 National Social Science Fund "Research and Evaluation of Territorial Planning and Resources and Environment Carrying Capacity", Responser of 2016 RUC-Cambridge International Cooperation Project (NSFC-ESRC) "Research on China Rural Finance Management Supporting Sustainable Development from the Perspective of Behavior," chief scientist of 2017 National Social Science Fund "Study on structural reform of land supply side from the perspective of multi-incorporation". He has completed more than 30 projects including the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Social Science Fund, the National Science and Technology Support, the Public Welfare Industry Project, the Ministry of Education, etc. He has won 10 ministerial-level scientific research awards, including 3 first-class awards for outstanding achievements. There are 6 awards for the second prize and 1 special prize for the excellent paper and 2 pieces of Beijing Education and Teaching Achievement Award (2013, 2018).

Xu Qinhua

Deputy Dean of NADS

Dr. Xu Qinhua is a Professor of International Political Economy and International Relation focused on the strategy and energy and the Belt and Road cooperation at the School of International Studies of Renmin University of China (RUC)and a tutor of its PhD students. She is the vice dean of National Academy of Development and Strategy(NADS), director of Centre for International Energy and Environment Strategy Studies at RUC. She is also the author of 15 books and more than 80 papers and academic articles , such as Report of the Evaluation on the Competitiveness of Global Energy Enterprises (2018), Report on China's International Energy Cooperation (from 2009 till 2017), Energy Investments Political Risks under the Belt and Road Initiative (2017), China’s Energy Policy from National and International Perspectives: The Energy Revolution and The Belt and Road Initiative (2017), China Energy Policy in National and International Perspectives: A Study Fore-and-Aft 18th National Congress (2014), An Introduction of Energy Diplomacy(2012), New Geopolitics: Central Asia Energy and China (2007), China’s Global Energy Strategy: from Energy Strength to Energy Power (2017) etc. Prof Xu holds a number of core positions in various national and international organizations, such as the committee member of WEC (2012-2016), senior researcher of APERC (2007-2008). She is now the chief expert at the Research Advisory Base of NEA, the standing committee member of Chinese Petroleum Economic Professional Committee, secretary-in-general of Renewable Energy Professional Committee of China Energy Research Society, the senior reseacher of Development Research Center of the State Council, China , honorary professor of Xinjiang University and the special commentator of CCTV etc. She has her personal column at, and also the member of editorial board of International Petroleum Economics. She is the founder of China International Energy Cooperation Forum since 2011.

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