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RUC NADS Released Report on Precise Poverty Alleviation Policy


Research Update

Liu Yuanchun: China's Macroeconomics During the Period of Structural Adjustment

Yue Xiaoyong: Striking with Joined Efforts for a Better Future ---- Speech at the 2019 TRT the World Forum

"Capital City Development Forum 2019: Old City, New City and Metropolitan Region" Successfully Held in Renmin University of China

China Macroeconomic Forum (Q3 2019) Was Held in RUC

RUC NADS Held the Monthly Conference on Macroeconomic Data Analysis (September 2019)

RUC NADS co-organizes New Inclusive Asia Dialogue, promoting "Connectivity and Inclusive Growth" in Asia



Oct 31 2019



[CGTN] Gao Lei and Xia Lu: Why state governability matters f...

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has just concluded its fourth plenary session in Beijing. Ac...

Oct 15 2019



[CGTN] Xu Qinhua: Putin’s visit to Saudi is full of implic...

Oct 14 2019



[] Wang Yiwei: It’s Hard to Disrupt the Develop...

Oct 10 2019


Business environment

[] Zhang Nandiyang: The significance of legalization...


Jan 16 ,2019

Liu Yuanchun: A Milestone for RUC NADS Shortlist...

Feb 28 ,2019

[CCTV2] Nie Huihua: What’s Behind the Rise of Pe...

Feb 08 ,2019

Wang Lili: How to Tell a Good Chinese Story in t...

Feb 08 ,2019

Wang Lili: How Can Think Tank Better Play the Ro...