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RUC NADS Released Report on Precise Poverty Alleviation Policy


Research Update

NADS (RUS) held International Video Meeting on the Situation in Europe and America under the Pandemic and Its Impact

Dr. Yue Xiaoyong: Double Joint Efforts for Win-win Cooperation and Shared Future

Liu Yuanchun: China's Macroeconomics During the Period of Structural Adjustment

Strategic Opportunity Period 2.0: China's Future Opportunities and Characteristics in the Context of the Developing Tide of World Peace and Development

Yue Xiaoyong: Striking with Joined Efforts for a Better Future ---- Speech at the 2019 TRT the World Forum

"Capital City Development Forum 2019: Old City, New City and Metropolitan Region" Successfully Held in Renmin University of China



Jun 03 2020


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Jun 02 2020


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May 26 2020


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Apr 16 2020


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Jan 16 ,2019

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Feb 28 ,2019

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Feb 08 ,2019

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Feb 08 ,2019

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