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RUC NADS Released Report on Precise Poverty Alleviation Policy


Research Update

Dr. Yue Xiaoyong: Double Joint Efforts for Win-win Cooperation and Shared Future

Liu Yuanchun: China's Macroeconomics During the Period of Structural Adjustment

Strategic Opportunity Period 2.0: China's Future Opportunities and Characteristics in the Context of the Developing Tide of World Peace and Development

Yue Xiaoyong: Striking with Joined Efforts for a Better Future ---- Speech at the 2019 TRT the World Forum

"Capital City Development Forum 2019: Old City, New City and Metropolitan Region" Successfully Held in Renmin University of China

China Macroeconomic Forum (Q3 2019) Was Held in RUC



Apr 03 2020


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Apr 02 2020


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Mar 31 2020


Liu Yuanchun:Steps China Must Take to Pre-empt Meltdown

Mar 30 2020


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Jan 16 ,2019

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Feb 28 ,2019

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Feb 08 ,2019

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Feb 08 ,2019

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